Monday, May 17, 2010

How to Black Out my Tooth to be like missing teeth -- as seen in TV/Movies?

In some production plays, tv shows (such as an episode in America's Top Model), and movies i notice that actors are able to color out a tooth in black so as to simulate that they are missing a tooth. What product are they using to give this effect? How long does a person's tooth stay darkened if applied? Does it rub off easily? Is it toxic if someone were to apply it to all their teeth? Is their a white coloring version?

How to Black Out my Tooth to be like missing teeth -- as seen in TV/Movies?
You can use black wax. It is harmless.
Reply:a quick simple, but not long lasting way is to use raisins. I would carry a box around with you though.
Reply:What i know of is some of them use pencil, and i don't think that is too safe though
Reply:use black wax. it has to be warm to mold over for the perfect fit on your tooth. good luck.
Reply:it is not toxic, it is just black carnuba wax. it has similar ingredients to chewing gum. it comes off w/ a little bit of rubbing. no permanent side effects. i think there is a white version.
Reply:use some black wax or if u wanna do all ur teeth use ink and it wont *** out for awhile u nut
Reply:They're all good suggestions;'specially the raisins. I was gunna say black licorice
Reply:Iv'e done this on numerous occasions when I wanted to be a pirate for halloween as a child. Use black eye-liner, it will stay on for a good while but will come off easily with a washcloth.
Reply:Black candle wax

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